From the recording Double Down

Authentic, deeply felt, this performance piece, guest track, by David Jackson hits home.

Originally released on his debut album, The Muse and the Raconteur, which is a FANTASTIC full album, released in 2020 as a physical CD and available only one place I know of, David Jackson's Bandcamp page,

I love, love, love, this song, with music by David Jackson (who performed both the original track, produced in 2020 by Cherry Bridge Recording, in Bridgewater, MA, and this remastered version, made for Double Down).

The lyrics were written by gifted (published) poet, singer, songwriter, guitarist, wirter, and wooden flute player, Jerry Lagadec. All 3 of us, me, David, and Jerry, live in Halifax, MA!
I simply sing some soulful background vocals but, as this powerful song deals with the ramifications of generational poverty and slavery, if needed to be on this Double Down album.
Permission and rights to publish and use here have been given, and it's a great honor.
All digital proceeds from this track go directly to David and Jerry.


I was born down south in Georgia
in a one room tar paper shack
Daddy picked the Devil's cotton
broke his spirit and his back
Momma took in washing
her hands were raw and red
some things cant be forgotten
some things you don't forget
I bought a Silvertone guitar
I must have shined 10 thousand shoes
Then Howlin Wolf and BB taught me
just how to play the Blues
I played all day
into the night
until my fingers bled
'cause those the dues you gotta pay
you've got to give before you get
Because the Blues they feed on feelings
from the bottom of your soul
from all your pain and suffereing
from your first day
'til you're old.
I played every country juke joint
the fancy ladies dug my style
from Memphis to New Orleans
old slow hand made 'em smile
So sing out all your heartache
that's what you gotta do
Dont you worry about the heartbreak
if you want to play the Blues
I've played with Lady Day
Sassy, Carmen McGray, Anita O'Day, Ella, Dinah Washington, Nina Simmone
I play the Blues
Ol Slow Hand Willie Jeffries
I play the Blues
Slow Hand Willie Jeffries.
I play the Blues.