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Defining views

creating settings, in song

Colette O'Connor designs all-original performances centered on themes.

When Espresso Yourself Coffee House, in Medfield, MA. presented her in concert, the theme was "Messengers." Colette enchanted the audience with original stories and songs from life; melded with history, folklore- her feature illustrated how each of our lives has interconnecting themes, and each of us shares, and brings, messages that enrich the world.

Intrigued? Read on - but BEWARE the spooky interludes!

spooky interlude i

performing 1940 stlye

Traveling old time radio shows

When Battleship Cove requested songs from 1942 to enhance their fundraising to keep the U.S.S. Massachusetts open as an ongoing public monument of military and maritime history,

Colette designed both Navy Christmas & Steel Beach BBQ, two different seasonal productions that bring audiences front and center to experience, LIVE 1942 Radio broadcasts.

Find out more about how to plan your next event or fundraiser around a theme!

Community concerts

Libraries & public venues

The Bacon Free Public Library, Natick, MA. had Colette Perform a Summer Concert Series.

Each week Colette brought a homemade wishing well, wishing coins, props, flowers, and free bubbles, so that audiences could play along!

Week 1 was all about what one can learn from nature.

Week 2 explored the real potential of making wishes.

Week 3 encouraged creativity and folklore where the audience added to "The Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures."

Bring Colette's audience-centered attention to your hometown. She travels!


no problem

Did you know that Colette has her own, homemade, gypsy wagon time machine?

Watch-City Steampunk Festival found out that Colette is really a time-traveler when she arrived. 

Apparently the times we live in today do not have enough acoustic-energy to power her wagon; so she must keep singing!

Consider hosting a themed house concert with Colette. Invite all of your most interesting friends.

. . .spooky interlude ii. . .