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Woodstock 50

it's happening

I just sent off a letter to Michael Lang. The first time he and his fearless crew decided to take on the monumental task of bringing music to the people, I was too young to attend but, wow, it's incredible how Woodstock ripples of inspiration defined more than one generation of music that inspired me. I was thrilled to hear about the 50th Anniversary, shocked to hear that headline artists are being negative, and, for damn sure, I'm supporting #Woodstock50 now. I wrote to thank him and his team for what they have, and continue to do for music. I also let him know that if those big-doers don't want to play, he's got me as a volunteer anytime! Honestly, it's WOODSTOCK! What a fantastic opportunity for everyone to remember what music is supposed to be about. I'm not talking drugs, It's about connecting, with open minds and hearts, to non-commercial, inclusively beautiful thoughts that run the emotional spectrum. Maybe mainstream industry today just can't go there anymore.

I know I can.

Smiles to that!

There is a new song posted

Something new, for the Spring! 

A wonderful fellow, Mr. Ian Andersen, from Working, England, has been an online friend and fan for a few years now. Almost everyday he posts a photo taken from his morning walk-about, usually in the company of his lovely wife, Lis, and their sweetheart pup, Kulley. 

Also, if you have not heard of The Massachusetts Walking Tour, they are a hiking group of musicians that walk or kayak for miles and miles every Spring/Summer along routes where they also stop and give community concerts. They do all this, rain or shine, with their instruments on their backs the whole way, to encourage people to enjoy the parks and natural conservation land byways throughout the New England area. 

These people inspire me, as I wander about in forests composing new music too, and, thinking about all this, emerged this new walking song! 

This is fresh out of the studio today (4/16/19). 

My always ready for anything sound engineer, Joe, found a great bunch of happy birds, and one very shy whip-poor-will, and I just sat with my guitar and we got a sweet, sunny spring day, recording! 

"Walking Will Ease Your Mind"

Not sure if this will make this album though. Let me know what you think! Send an email, or post me an online comment. I would love to hear from you!
Smiles of thanks, Colette

Recent #wimg fundraiser success!

Buddy Dog Humane Society Fundraiser.

Buddy Dog Humane Society Fundraiser.

According to all accounts, and accountings, Women In Music Gathering's performing and organizing members raised over $1,200.00 for Buddy Dog Humane Society during the above event. We could not have been more please with the attendance, venue, volunteer staff, food, company, photographs, videos, and marketing support from everyone involved.

Thank you.

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