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International Women's Day

O'Shea's Pub, Dennis, MA.- March 4th was a great day for the ACLU! Kathleen Healy, who has been organizing and hosting this annual event for several years, always invites a power-house of professional women singer-songwriters to each perform a set of original music.

This year the pub was full to bursting and, during her set, Colette challenged the songwriters in the audience to a songwriter's challenge for next year. The theme she suggested was "put a bit in the bucket" as Kathleen has a bucket for donations and keeping that donation bucket in focus, in a fun way, is a great thing for every songwriter to sing about!

Colette's set included "People On The Porch" as it's one of Kathleen's favorites. There is always someone in the audience with a manikin story to share and this time a woman shared an amazing manikin mystery and brought photos to illustrate!

Always a fantastic event. Hope to see you all again next year. Great thanks to all who attended!


Buddy Dog Humane Society Fundraiser.

Buddy Dog Humane Society Fundraiser.

women in music gathering

for good!

Boston, MA.  As mentioned in The Hollywood Digest (see article below for details.) Tickets are now on sale at Club Cafe for a variety show that features music by some of Boston's most innovative women singers and songwriters.  

The Women In Music Gathering (WIMG) a New England-based, intergenerational artist-alliance of women in music: singer-songwriters and performing musicians, will be singing to benefit the cats and dogs at the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. WIMG will be joined by some out of town colleagues in this very special event. All proceeds to be donated to Buddy Dog Humane Society 

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Hollywood Digest  

Hollywood, Dec. 2019 

Hollywood Digest featured a heartwarming write up about Women In Music Gathering's (WIMG) upcoming fundraiser for Buddy Dog! Colette O'Connor and Linda Marks co-founded Women In Music Gathering, a growing coalition of Massachusetts-based independent singer-songwriters who are vested professionals of their craft.  

Some women in the group choose to perform while others write and use their organizational talents to support their growing membership and socially conscious outreach. 

Co-founder Linda Marks reached out to Buddy Dog Humane Society and Club Cafe, Boston and has coordinated an upcoming WIMG fundraising concert on their behalf. This event has just been reported in Hollywood Digest! 

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