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one little finger  | To premiere at the united nations

acted in by over 80 children and adults with disabilities

So proud to have words included among the many voices of inspiration throughout this film. #gratitude ‬ 

‬ This is an incredibly revealing and affirming film that honestly depicts humanity; with great care and focus on what is and what can be! #OneLittleFinger #Indiefilm ‬#comingsoon


It Happened!

and it was AMAZING!

The Inaugural Steel Beach BBQ was a veritable delight! All American BBQ, served on the fan-tail of the USS Massachusetts AND Colette linked in entertainment from Hollywood CA. 1942 Hollywood CA to be exact!

Special Navy Ship to Shore technology helped her tune in and join voices with voices from the past to present a LIVE Radio Show that included, The Harry James Orchestra, The Andrew Sisters (of which Colette admitted she was the youngest and so never got top billing- until today!)

Great fun, with history, for all ages.

Navy history was illustrated, Veterans shared stories. Gary Cooper read the Sports, there was a competition, audience participation Radio Drama...and all good clean family fun.

Best get your tickets early for next year!

Plymouth Porch Fest

Saturday, august 24th

Colette performed, twice, at the Inaugural Plymouth Arts Porchfest, North Street. Plymouth.

She included two performances by Mike Doyle, to present his quality singer songwriter music to audiences too!

Always support new music, however you can, was her message.

Feedback was stellar.

See you next year!

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music reviews

Colette O’Connor’s album – I Think I Am – Voted in the top 15 CD's of the Year 2016. Nominated CD of the Year, Pulse Magazine and Worcester Music Awards. 

Colette is a visionary who sings because she must and because she does, all who hear her are filled with light and wonder. - Debra Andersen, Radio Programmer/Host "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM 89.3 FM-HD, Lincoln NE. 

On "Ground to Dust" THIS is a real thinking persons song. There is deep, deep meaning here. Almost like an Al Stewart song: just when you think you've found the center, there lies yet another layer. - Daniel Stratton,  The Wanderer, Independent Radio Host 

I Think I AM is an exemplar of what good acoustic music should be in this time of same-sounding pop hits. Her original songs—from the pragmatically philosophic title track to the delightful story of the “People on the Porch”—resonate with both joy and insight, and deliver a pleasing vocal style combined with some outstanding musicianship. There are sixteen tracks in all, and every one is fashioned with both warmth and wit, evoking the poetic spirit of this talented artist. Songs like “Penny in the Pond,” “Been There Done That,” “Hide and Seek,” “Huckleberry Finn,” and the rest are worth listening to again and again. As a songwriter, O’Connor deftly crafts words, matches them with original melodies, and then infuses them with her own personality, creating something very special. -Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL on NPR station, WICN (Worcester Public Radio).