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July Excitement!

Music this summer

June ended with the brightest of smiles at the Massachusetts Walking Tour Concert in Plainville, MA. 

Just as Colette finished her first song, under the lovely outdoor pavillian in Telford Park, a smiling rainbow appeared overhead!

This month Colette will perform the first in a Summer Lawn Concert Series at Bacon Free Library in Natick! See the Shows Tab for dates and firefly potential meter!

To access clickable content visit:

To access clickable content visit:

All aboard for the first ever Navy steel beach bbq!

The scuttlebutt is Colette will be broadcasting live from 1942, with music and fun, right from the deck of the U.S.S. Massachusetts

On Saturday, August 17, 2019, the USS Massachusetts Memorial Committee will hold its first ever Steel Beach BBQ on the fantail of the battleship Massachusetts to honor those who have served, those who are still serving, and those who never came home, as well as provide the public with an authentic Navy experience. 

Guests will enjoy authentic BBQ, beer tastings, games, raffles, and more! 

All funds raised go directly to serving our mission to preserve and maintain our National Historic Landmark Ships and the war memorials in our care.

Visit here for tickets, soon!!/Steel-Beach-BBQ/p/137212505/category=20238105


The People On The Porch

now have their own album!

You know you are NOT surprised!

Peek under the music tab to download your copy...before they wander off again.

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music reviews

Colette O’Connor’s album – I Think I Am – Voted in the top 15 CD's of the Year 2016. Nominated CD of the Year, Pulse Magazine and Worcester Music Awards. 

Colette is a visionary who sings because she must and because she does, all who hear her are filled with light and wonder. - Debra Andersen, Radio Programmer/Host "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM 89.3 FM-HD, Lincoln NE. 

On "Ground to Dust" THIS is a real thinking persons song. There is deep, deep meaning here. Almost like an Al Stewart song: just when you think you've found the center, there lies yet another layer. - Daniel Stratton,  The Wanderer, Independent Radio Host 

I Think I AM is an exemplar of what good acoustic music should be in this time of same-sounding pop hits. Her original songs—from the pragmatically philosophic title track to the delightful story of the “People on the Porch”—resonate with both joy and insight, and deliver a pleasing vocal style combined with some outstanding musicianship. There are sixteen tracks in all, and every one is fashioned with both warmth and wit, evoking the poetic spirit of this talented artist. Songs like “Penny in the Pond,” “Been There Done That,” “Hide and Seek,” “Huckleberry Finn,” and the rest are worth listening to again and again. As a songwriter, O’Connor deftly crafts words, matches them with original melodies, and then infuses them with her own personality, creating something very special. -Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL on NPR station, WICN (Worcester Public Radio).