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How Did the Devil

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Double Down a theme album about "consequences." 2024 seems more than adequate to understanding the issues at hand, human nature, the planet we share, and the complexities we make of all that.

This single, How Did the Devil, is a story, sung like a dialogue between the "sinner" and a nameless woman. narrator. Is she the Preacher? The Devil? An angel? " It's like Dante asking Virgil about Hell. It's also a cautionary tale, a bedtime story, a Biblical passage, that asks us to consider what it is to fall from Grace. Imagine, sitting around the fire and seeing the flames dance as this story unfolds therein.
It's mesmerizing but also asks a lot of questions that take the listener down a slippery slope.
It's Dante's Inferno, set to music.
What leadership is --and how each of us leads a life of choices. Who advises, with that agenda, and how many lives are caught hanging in the balance by their judgements?

In all facets, those that want power, thinking they can do better, create new environments in which to experiment with their own wants. Is something old better, more wise, or not?

Does leading mean one uses guile, guilt, desires suspended on sticks, a voice from a burning bush, or Commandments written on tablets, to make things happen? D. All of the above? Who interprets the rules? Who gets used, duped, cherished, or informed? How? What will people allow? It all needs our careful thought.

The lines we, as groups, draw between Countries, States, races, religions, economies, sports teams, all cause strife. Is competition a good thing? Is change inevitable.

"See ourselves," she said, "the Devil is in the details...."


How did the devil get his horns
Oh children listen
when the holy halo was re-forged
down in a river of fire
Why do the mighty lose their souls,
oh preacher tell me
well many feel desire to become God but in the Devil we see ourselves.
How did the Devil
How did the Devil do it
See ourselves, she said
the Devil is in the details
Double down, again
there's a fire in your soul.
Prophet in the desert
feeling bad
climbed up on a mountain
searching for a better land
but then a voice came from the fire
setting faithful on a path
no idol of desire
will ever last
See ourselves
she said
the Devil is in the details
Double Down again
Human nature's in control
Is that a halo in the mirror
or the fire in your soul
look again
my friend
you never know.
How did the Devil
How did the Devil do it?
Where the voice resides is the question that remains
All our weary lives
between the sacred and profane
Flesh is bound to fester
Chaos in our veins
Redeem the inner Demon of pride
and see ourselves, she said
The Devil is in the details
Double Down again
human nature's in control
Is that a halo in the mirror
or the fine you your soul
Look again, my friend
you never know