1. So Come On

Spend some time outside and pay attention to nature. Children do. What is appreciated will remain protected.
So come on!


One fine day when the cold turned to Spring
A child saw the flight of a bee
And that child who’d never seen such a thing
Was entranced by the sight of it’s dance

So come on, have a seat
There’s a spot in the shade where the flower beds meet
Ask a child what they think it all means and right then
and there, you’ll start learning new things.

Well the bee, went from flower to flower
And the child chatted on by the hour
So come on and listen a while
For wise is the heart who learns from a child.

Well word got back to the Queen bee
Who made a royal decree
That each child needed to be taught how to read
The language of stars
The whispers of trees
The song in the wind
Of a wayfaring breeze.


So come on all you creatures and such come on and
teach what the sages can not
Ask a child what the changing moon brings
And right then and there you’ll start learning new things

So come on and we’ll look deep inside
And right then and there we can open a mind
So come on, nature shows us the way
And wise is the heart that learns every day.