1. If I Save You
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If I Save You

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This is based on a true story!
“You never know what somebody’s day looks like,” he said. “It’s a nice day, everyone’s out for a walk, and somebody’s not having the same day you’re having. I was just glad to help.”
Here's the story:


I went to a bridge and stood on the edge
But a man in a pickup truck stopped and said
Please don’t take that final step
The only thing that follows is regret
‘cause I would try to help if you jumped in
and truth be told I’ve never really learned how to swim.
If I save you, then you won’t save you and there inside is everything you need
I believe there’s miracles in every heart
and hard times can lead to everything we need.
So I prayed, like I’ve never prayed.
For the world to finally change
But instead it all went grey
And then, I fell from the bridge.
I fell off that bridge
went over the edge
and true to his word, that man jumped in
Well the nightmare sound of screaming wind
Ripped away the words I would have said
And when the water hit us like a wall
truth be told I don’t remember anything at all
except I prayed, like I’ve never prayed.
And everything changed, and all I wanted was= time= to-
save that man from the bridge. (Instrumental)
How we lived, only heaven knows
Because I woke up in his truck, driving home
He agreed it was a mystery because an hour ago he woke up next to me.
From tragedy to fortunate so it goes
for jumping with, with kindness, is a miracle that always grows.