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We Heard You (Hey Joni)

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This song, formerly called "Hey Joni," had a name change because people got upset that my song had the same name as a song by Sonic Youth. Even though you can't copyright a title I was not digging the bad vibes some listeners of other genres were giving this unique and lovely song. This tribute song needs no bad vibes because it is all about gratitude.

Did you ever fall in love with a song? I did, and this song is a tribute to those women in music whose music helped me grow through inspiration. Namely, Joni Mitchell, Judy Colins, Melanie Safka, Janice Joplin, and Carol King.

When you hear a song that makes you fall in love with the magic of music all over again, there is history there. Music has evolved from the deepest feelings, from hearts that found a way to set it all out in a song. Fans that fall in love with a song carry it forward and help it grow.

Call it retro, call it ol'fashioned, I don't care what you call it, theirs is the music that got music to where it is today, and I STILL hear their influence right here in my heart.

Singers be true to what you love and sing your song, YOUR way so that those hearts that hear will make room for your inspiration and keep music growing STRONG.

Thank you, with all my heart, for listening.
SMILES, Colette

Recorded at Ultrasound Production Studios, Hanover MA.
Copyright (c), (p), Colette O'Connor, 2017 (All Rights Reserved).
Sound Engineer: The Irascible, Joe Clapp

This song debuted, live, on NPR station WICN, Worcester MA as a special tribute to kick-off Nick Noble's 500th show Anniversary on The Folk Revival. Life is good.


Hey Joni let it play.
I found your old records from
back in the days of Paris to LA
Sang your songs from café to cabaret
And we heard you.
Ooo, and we heard you.

Hey Judy, I’ve seen your -fragile clouds
In the airports, between my ups and downs
The dizzy dancing way
Illusions never stayed
You sang I love you right out loud --
And we heard you
.Ooo, and we heard you.
And we heard you teach the world
a brand new song to harmonize along
and you sand it strong,
and we heard you.
And we heard you.

Hey Melanie I found your roller-skates
In the attic yesterday.
Fun and bitter sweet
Your music sang to me
the leftover wine was thrown away
but we heard you.
And we heard you.

Hey Janis
You caught that southbound train
Rusty red bandana in the rain
Oh lord -how her voice could hold
the secrets of -a troubled soul
And we heard you.
La… La, la, la…

Hey Carole
some kind of wonderful
That will love you till the end
La, la, la, la.
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
You’ve got a friend

And we heard you. Oh, ooo, and we heard you. La, la, la, la.