"sure, my ticket was torn. I've been on these carnival rides before."
To explain complexities of the heart, I believe inspirations sings.
This big, fun, beautiful planet is quite a fantastic ride we are sharing.
Yes, we have met before. I look around at everyone doing their thing, and am amazed! The tear in my eye is because, every once in a while, someone sings back. I love to hear you.

Be busy, be independent but please don't forget to look in anyone's eyes, and smile.

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Love, light, and fair days, to all. Smiles! Colette

Recorded at Ultrasound Production Studios, Hanover MA.
Sound Tech, The Penultimate Joe Classy-Clapp.
Sound Engineers Joe Clapp and Colette O'Connor
(c) (p) Colette O'Connor 2017. All Rights Reserved.
Web in the Corner Publishing, ASCAP
Spinning Time Records