1. Boo Radley

From the recording Double Down

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Boo Radley

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Prejudice, for whatever reason, relates more cautionary tales than history allows told. The rumor mill keeps churning and there are those, in every generation, that suffer.

It's a small town, and there are eyes everywhere...Look out for those who cast first stones without getting to know the facts, first hand.

The flattop rockin' guitar in here cooks in Atkins, Perkins, Cash, and more. Enjoy. And YOU MUST see the VIDEO, it's SO cartoon-classic FUN!

(c) (p) Colette O'Connor, 2017, All Rights Reserved.
Produced by Web In The Corner Publishing, ASCAP
Recorded at Ultrasound Productions Studios, Hanover MA
Sound Engineered by Joe Clapp and Colette O'Connor
Sound Tech, the brilliant Joe Clapp

Song Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


Hey look out for that house
on the corner
The shades are down
but there are eyes everywhere.
It’s ol Boo Radley,
gonna give you a scare.
When I say Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo Radley
When I say Boo, oh you best beware.
Look out for Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo Radley
I say Boo and you should be running scared.
It’s a small town with keep out signs everywhere.
Smith & Wesson is protecting without a doubt
But ol’ Boo Radley doesn’t need any help.
His teeth are sharp and eyes are cold and deadly
A junkyard dog like you have never seen
That ol’Boo Radley’s been trained up to be mean.
Look out for Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo Radley
Part dog and part your worst nightmare
Beware that dog, that dog, Boo Radley
He's on a chain to be
He's been trained to be
Ol Boo Radley keeps everybody running scared.