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So one day my daughter, Lei(gh)a, came home with tangerine colored hair, and it got me thinking how cool personal decisions can seem, well odd; then she showed me her tattoos... I wrote this song, and sing it playfully, in dedication to children growing up into individuals!
It's a finger style acoustic, reminiscent of the Beatles, it's a fun song of love, freedom, and gratitude for how unique we all are. "Without a clear single reason why!"


Lovely darting in the airwaves,
see my tangerine butterfly.
Hope is floating all around her,
raining down;
changing now,
without a clear single reason why.

But time happens that way.
We play for such a little, little, while.

Find yourself an open meadow,
oh, my tangerine butterfly.
Kiss me once, a summer teardrop.
Raining down; changing now,
without a clear reason why.

I will always love you, dearly.
Hold a tangerine butterfly
gently as a child-flower
growing proud, off the ground,
without a clear reason why.