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ABOUT THE MUSIC: Sometimes eye-twinkles need recharging.

It’s an intimate experience when music allows the sunshine in to stir up memories that say "it's ok to be yourself; refreshed and affirmed.

Colette O'Connor is one refreshing singer-songwriter from Halifax, MA, who cares that we are all connected and believes inspiration sings what the heart feels. Her music genuinely comes from the heart with a witty philosophical wisdom, and a touch of musical fun that reconnects listeners to their inner child. Her performances are like candid conversations between Bette Midler and Joni Mitchell, over coffee. Her music is emotionally engaging, organic and hip-straight honest. There is a timeless style here that melds genres, from jazzy-blues to Americana/folk, woven together by guitar, influenced by Atkins, Harrison, Cotton, and Watson

Born in California, on San Diego Naval Base, Colette came to Massachusetts after her father's tour of duty was over and the family moved back home to start an organic farm in Plympton MA. Influenced by two coasts, O'Connor's music is a delightful blend of sunshine, kindness-philosophy, and fun New England wit.  She has recently made her debut as a composer of neoclassical orchestral music. Most of her adult life was spent raising four amazing children to be independent thinkers and, because she used storytelling, creative play, and lots of museum field trips,  they also believe in magic.  A seasoned performer, O'Connor has been touring/traveling and performing her music since 2012. She says she's "loved almost every minute," and has become regularly featured on community radio and television from New England to Nebraska. 

               "I dislike genres but would call this contemporary acoustic folk/Americana touched with philosophy, heart, and a sparkling wit. "

                                                                                                                          - Nick Noble, host of "The Folk Revival" on NPR station WICN FM, Worcester.

                "You can hear so many greats influencing her music, and the result is beautifully unique."

                                                                                                                          -Deb Andersen, host of "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM FM, Lincoln NE. 

Colette O'Connor is a strong supporter of women in music and publishes, online, Women Singer Songwriter Magazine as a supplemental resource for up and coming musicians.  She works as an organizer for Musician's without Borders, and coordinated, and hosted several "World Music Day" concert/fundraising events on their behalf.  She hosts one cable television program "Colette's Spotlight", in conjunction with "Live From Center Stage" in Dennisport, Ma., and co-hosts "For the Love of Words" in Easton MA. (ECAT), and is currently hosting a live concert series, recorded for PXR radio distribution, called Studio Session Live, from Plymouth MA.  Last but not least, Colette proudly presents a monthly radio journal feature "Notes from New England" as a reporter of the music and stories of other New England Women Singer-Songwriters on "The Wimmin's Show" broadcast on KZUM FM-HD 89.3, Lincoln Nebraska. Yes, it's a very long drive from Massachusetts to Nebraska. Yes, there have been tornadoes...she did say "almost" every minute!

Colette's album "I Think I Am" was named top 15 of 2016 by NPR station WICN FM 90.5 Worcester's Folk Revival (listen every Thursday from 7-11 p.m., EST.), and nominated for Best CD 2017 Award at Worcester Music Awards by Pulse Magazine.
ARTIST INSIGHT:  A Bit O'Personal History
"Dad played a four string Harmony tenor guitar that he rescued from the rubbish, I can't remember if it was on or just near his Navy barracks but I do remember he said it only had one string.  He taught himself to play it anyways! Ten years later, Sister Margaret told me I couldn't be in the school talent show because I didn't play an instrument so I went home and borrowed dad's guitar from under his bed. It had all it's strings by then, and it's been an amazing inspiration ever sense.  There's been a lot of time spent searching for the right cords, words and feelings to fit each original song, and I've come quite a long way, since that talent show, to bring them to you here.  I never meant to be a performing singer songwriter but, out of love, it became completely unavoidable!" Smiles, Colette

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