Re-discover something essential

Defining what Women Singer Songwriter means today.

Folk/Americana  ~  still growing strong.


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songwriting to a theme

how about a sea shanty?

Here's a live sample of Colette's creative entry in the prestigious Portsmouth Maritime Songwriting Competition.

As you can see, she gave it her all.

If you are an aspiring songwriter, let Colette help you find your voice.

If you have a theme you would like her to write about, just ask!

Defining views

creating settings, in song

Colette O'Connor designs all-original performances centered on themes.

When Espresso Yourself Coffee House, in Medfield, MA. presented her in concert, the theme was "Messengers." Colette enchanted the audience with original stories and songs from life; melded with history, folklore- her feature illustrated how each of our lives has interconnecting themes, and each of us shares, and brings, messages that enrich the world.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling!

Singing in support

reviving navy tradition- command performance

The Inaugural Steel Beach BBQ was a veritable delight! All American BBQ, served on the fan-tail of the USS Massachusetts AND Colette linked in entertainment from Hollywood CA.- 1942 Hollywood CA to be exact!

Special Navy Ship to Shore technology helped the audience tune in and hear voices from the past present a LIVE Radio Show that included, The Harry James Orchestra, The Andrew Sisters and plenty of audience participation RADIO DRAMA.

Great fun, with history, for all ages and happens right on the spot where history happened, on the U.S.S. Massachusetts, Battleship Cove, New Bedford, MA. 

Navy history was illustrated, Veterans shared stories. Gary Cooper read the Sports, there was a competition, audience participation Radio Drama...and all good clean family fun.

Best get your tickets early for next year!

You can also book this LIVE RADIO production for your school or event venue. Submit your request via the general contact on the booking page.

Festivals & Fairs

love, love, love

Colette was among the artist invited to participate in Plymouth's first official Fair Saturday that also encompassed Shop Small Saturday. Her stage was set up inside a lovely, working, museum space: The Jenney Grist Mill, she got to perform there and have great interactions with those attending. There were lots of teachable moments because there was a craft table and waterwheel demonstrations all ongoing throughout music, stories and educational exhibits by the Plimoth Bay Cultural Center. Everyone was incredibly friendly too. "Ground To Dust" was a big hit, just saying!

Community concerts

Libraries & public venues

The Bacon Free Public Library, Natick, MA. had Colette Perform a Summer Concert Series.

Each week Colette brought a homemade wishing well, wishing coins, props, flowers, and free bubbles, so that audiences could play along!

Week 1 was all about what one can learn from nature.

Week 2 explored the real potential of making wishes.

Week 3 encouraged creativity and folklore where the audience added to "The Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures."

Bring Colette's audience-centered attention to your hometown. She travels!


no problem

Did you know that Colette has her own, homemade, gypsy wagon time machine?

Watch-City Steampunk Festival found out that Colette is really a time-traveler when she arrived. 

Apparently the times we live in today do not have enough acoustic-energy to power her wagon; so she must keep singing!

Consider hosting a themed house concert with Colette. Invite all of your most interesting friends.