New Lyric Video release:

Hey Joni is a tribute song that highlights some iconic Women Singer songwriters with music that inspired others to share their own music. Role models, in both music style and music industry tenacity. Watch here -----> https://youtu.be/Ba_4HPtAcuY

New Music Boost:

Reverbnation has included "An Ordinary Day" in their "Best New Indie Music" Summer #Playlist! All in all, this is an extraordinary thing to hear! https://www.reverbnation.com/scm/1380-best-new-indie-music


For the concert curious--->  https://youtu.be/V1tp-oaeBDQ


First Women in Music Gathering:

A delightful success becomes a new #WomenInMusic fixture!

This new collaboration between Colette's New England Women Singer songwriters radio-journal, #LadyLakeMusic #PR and talented pianist, Linda Marks brought together women interested in sharing resources that speak to foundational support. Women gathered, in circle, to address an agenda that included their stories, music, and oh the stories!. They are forming a platform of positive, supportive, women influencers in music. This groundbreaking event is currently gaining National attention.


Boston Free Radio:

BOSTON FREE RADIO has numerous live radio shows that profile local artists. Recently Colette was invited to appear on Guyfanfan, live, and here is the archive link to listen now: https://www.somervillemedia.org/interview-recap-colette-oconnor/

 Achievement Shout OUT:

Music Video, Web In The Corner, made the Top 4 Video's on ReverbNation Curated List! Check it out here https://www.reverbnation.com/scm/592-top-indie-music-videos


In other NEWS:


New Musical about Women's History now in residence at Amazing Things Art Center in Framingham, MA. Also traveling to Boston's Faneuil Hall in August 26, 2018: Women's Equality Day. One Show only.

Colette made her stage debut as U.S. Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, and Frances Perkins made her character debut with the year long running production of "We Did It For You"!  Check out the show information here: http://www.wediditforyou.org/

 Come see women make history!


"Writing in the Sand" performed and discussed as one of his all-time favorite songs, by Eric "The Snake" Gulliksen- current member of Stephen & The Snake ("Virtually Indestructible" -2017 release), and former bass player for the Boston Sound band ORPHEUS. Here are the details: https://tinyurl.com/yd9fvecp/


Worldwide Music Day 2018: 

#WWMD, year 3 hosted by Colette O'Connor, a success.  Read the interview here:  https://www.musicianswithoutborders.org/2017/04/introducing-wwmd-participants-colette-oconnor/


         Colette is a visionary who sings because she must and because she does, all who hear her are filled with light and wonder. - Debra Andersen, Radio Programmer/Host "The Wimmin's Show" KZUM 89.3 FM-HD, Lincoln NE.

On "Ground to Dust" THIS is a real thinking persons song. There is deep, deep meaning here. Almost like an Al Stewart song: just when you think you've found the center, there lies yet another layer. - Daniel Stratton,  The Wanderer, Independent Radio Host

Colette O’Connor’s newest album – I Think I Am – is an exemplar of what good acoustic music should be in this time of same-sounding pop hits. Her original songs—from the pragmatically philosophic title track to the delightful story of the “People on the Porch”—resonate with both joy and insight, and deliver a pleasing vocal style combined with some outstanding musicianship. There are sixteen tracks in all, and every one is fashioned with both warmth and wit, evoking the poetic spirit of this talented artist. Songs like “Penny in the Pond,” “Been There Done That,” “Hide and Seek,” “Huckleberry Finn,” and the rest are worth listening to again and again. As a songwriter, O’Connor deftly crafts words, matches them with original melodies, and then infuses them with her own personality, creating something very special. -Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL on NPR station, WICN (Worcester Public Radio).

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