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Adding new Singer Songwriter music to the World. Thanks for listening!

Hippy Dance went to #4 on a Global Christian Pop Chart! (hit the LISTEN NOW button above to preview)


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The people on the porch have gone international!

Live 4-hour concert for world music day!

Festivals & Fairs

The World Is Opening Again!

Colette says her car is "a little Lear Jet and is always packed" so let's go!

Book Colette, her original, award-winning music, and your audience will have a great time. Guaranteed! 

1. Colette gives her all to presenting her seasoned professional best as an award-winning Singer-songwriter (via Pulse Magazine, CD of the Year, 2016 & nominee via Worchester Music Awards)

2. Her focus in on your audience having fun & conducts herself as a substance-free, polite, thoughtful, professional asset to your event. You can expect her attire, language and behavior to be family friendly, in good taste, and appropriate to the event.

3. Colette love's integrating to your theme! For example Battleship Cove hired her and got gifted a full-on 1940's music/radio show, as part of their Naval Museum Fundraising Event, and, yep, they were wowed!

4. She does all her own stunts!

Defining views

creating settings, in song

Colette O'Connor designs all-original performances centered on themes.

When Espresso Yourself Coffee House, in Medfield, MA. presented her in concert, the theme was "Messengers." Colette enchanted the audience with original stories and songs from life; melded with history, folklore- her feature illustrated how each of our lives has interconnecting themes, and each of us shares, and brings, messages that enrich the world.

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