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Newest music video ! "A Lesson In Humanity" highlights a true owl-saving story from New England Wildlife Center, Weymouth MA.

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Happy Reviews Abound! Book Colette, her original, award-winning music, and your audience will have a great time. Guaranteed! 

1. Colette gives her all to presenting her seasoned professional best as an award-winning Singer-songwriter (via Pulse Magazine, CD of the Year, 2016 & nominee via Worchester Music Awards)

2. Her focus in on your audience having fun & conducts herself as a substance-free, polite, thoughtful, professional asset to your event. You can expect her attire, language and behavior to be family friendly, in good taste, and appropriate to the event.

3. Colette love's integrating to your theme! For example Battleship Cove hired her and got gifted a full-on 1940's music/radio show, as part of their Naval Museum Fundraising Event, and, yep, they were wowed!

4. She does all her own guitar pickin!

Defining views

creating settings, in song

Colette O'Connor can design all-original performances centered on themes.

When Espresso Yourself Coffee House, in Medfield, MA. presented her in concert, the theme was "Messengers." Colette enchanted the audience with original stories and songs from life; melded with history, folklore- her feature illustrated how each of our lives has interconnecting themes, and each of us shares, and brings, messages that enrich the world.

Song featured here "I Think I Am"

Written in nature and with gratitude for all the people who influenced her life, seen and unseen.

Community concerts

Libraries & public venues

This cute wishing well was designed and built by Colette to enhance The Bacon Free Public Library, Natick, Summer Concert Series.

Each week Colette brought the wishing well, coins, props, flowers, and free bubbles, so that audiences could play along!

Week 1 was all about what one can learn from nature.

Week 2 explored the real potential of making wishes.

Week 3 encouraged creativity and folklore where the audience added to "The Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures."

Bring Colette's audience-centered attention to your hometown. She travels!

About "Penny In The Pond"

Did you know that Old Ironsides, the famous Ship U.S.S. Constitution was saved from demolition by children collecting pennies? This got Colette thinking. If you're going to make wishes, you'd better be sure to do the follow-up work too!

Colette's shows are great for all ages.

Email for details, or to see where Colette is performing next.

Singing in support

reviving navy tradition- command performance

The Inaugural Steel Beach BBQ was a veritable delight! All American BBQ, served on the fan-tail of the USS Massachusetts where Colette linked in entertainment from Hollywood CA.- 1942 Hollywood CA to be exact!

Special Navy Ship to Shore technology helped the audience tune-in and be a part of this original, LIVE, Radio Show featuring Colette, The Harry James Orchestra, The Andrew Sisters, and Gary Cooper even did the sports. Plenty of LIVE audience participation too.

Great fun, with history, for all ages!

You can book this LIVE RADIO, audience interactive,  production for your school or event venue. Join the mailing list to stay connected!


no problem

Did you know that Colette has her own, homemade, gypsy wagon time machine? (and Mark-Two is in the making!).

Watch-City Steampunk Festival found out that Colette is really a time-traveler when she arrived. 

Apparently the times we live in today do not have enough acoustic-energy to power her wagon; so she must keep singing!

Consider hosting a themed house concert with Colette. Invite all of your most interesting friends.

About "Nothing But Thanks"

Colette travels a lot with her music and meets many interesting people along the way. This song relates a very mystical meeting with a person who lived in a New York park.