From the recording Double Down

There is a puzzle about a tree falling and no one there to hear it. Clocks, as it happened, have gone silent, and this puzzles me. This is a studio rough cut, encoded message, to Nikola Tesla, as I'm seeking answers. I'll let you know if I hear any reply.


There’s a clock
Over there
That’s got me feeling
kind of scared
Tick tock
It used to say
But now it’s silent as a grave.
Because clocks don’t tick anymore
Time is sneaking away.
It really gets me down in the dark
I kinda miss their tick,tick,tock.
Clocks don’t tick anymore
Time has no rhythm at all
Some kind of
Nikola Tesla what went wrong?
Because Clocks don’t tick anymore.
They used to have such pretty charms
Now childhood is alarmed,
my friend
where did it all
one day time just stopped winding (winding)
Clock makers went away.
And so the phones that no one was minding
captured all the chimes
Stole away their dimes
It seems to be the perfect crime because
clocks don’t tick anymore
Someone took their faces
And made their hands disappear
Gone, without any traces
The insanity I fear
may be drawing near.
Nikola Tesla please respond.